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A new starting point for the inheritance of enterprises -- Zijing Thousand Enterprises Travel Jiangsu New Daogeke


When you enter the new Doug technology, you can feel the sediment of time. As an enterprise founded in 1979 with an annual sales of more than 150 million yuan, it is specialized in the R&D, production and sales of sensors, industrial control equipment, rotating machinery status monitoring protection and fault diagnosis system and other series of products. The story along the way is about the rapid growth of China's manufacturing industry after the reform and opening up. Now, in the face of the pain points of enterprise transformation and upgrading under the new economic wave, what kind of wisdom sparks will burst out in the exchange between the general manager of Chengmin Steel of New Doug Technology and the experts of the Bauhinia Expert Group?

Brief introduction of enterprises visited this time
Founded in 1979, Jiangsu New Doug Automatic Control Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and sales of sensors, industrial control equipment, rotating machinery status monitoring protection and fault diagnosis system and other series of products. Its annual sales exceed 150 million yuan, and it is one of the largest manufacturers in the same industry in China. The company is located in Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province, covering an area of 63500 square meters, a building area of 49500 square meters, and a total asset of 180 million. It has a technology research and development center, an instrument production workshop, an industrial control cabinet workshop, a sensor workshop, and a metalworking workshop.

 Visiting members of the tutorial group
Liu Jianjiang, President of Jiangyin Bauhinia Society, Hu Chang, President of Bauhinia Learning and Learning Club, Zhang Liangbing, Vice President of Bauhinia New Third Board Club, and Shao Qiumen, Secretary-General of Wuxi Bauhinia Society.

Q At present, there are less than 50% of enterprises with more than 10 years of history in China. As an old enterprise with 30 years of history, the stable development of New Doug must have its own uniqueness. Then can President Cheng tell us the secret of the enterprise's enduring prosperity.
Each different enterprise has its own style, but the common enterprises always have similarities. Our company has been based on the subdivided fields of the industry since its founding, and also has caught up with the good policy of reform and opening up. The company has achieved explosive growth. At the same time, in the process of enterprise development, we always put stability in the first place to avoid the problem of cash flow caused by too fast development. At present, enterprises have no credit pressure and are very stable, but they are also facing the difficulties of slowing down the growth rate, weakening the market demand and the need to explore new areas.

Q We all know that the development of an enterprise will inevitably go through a period from start-up to high-speed development, and then enter a period of bottleneck stagflation with the gradual rise of costs. At this time, if the enterprise can aim at the next outlet, it will enter a period of high-speed development again, and move towards the direction of a giant enterprise. However, most enterprises often go downhill until they fail at this crossroad. Do you have any plans for this aspect, or what are the pain points in the process?
Because our company is also a family business, it is also facing the problems of enterprise inheritance, transformation and upgrading. I was born in science, engineering and scientific research, and I am good at technology, but my own experience in enterprise management is really lacking. Especially since the reorganization and establishment of the new company, a direction has been planned. However, because the company is an old factory for more than 30 years, many old employees are conservative, and may not have enough motivation and enthusiasm for reform. If the team is completely rebuilt at one time, there are many obstacles in the current operation of the enterprise and it cannot be directly implemented.

Q reform is necessary. In fact, the enterprise's way is very simple - the enterprise is to make money, the so-called management is also very basic, and employees are to share the money. As a person in charge of an enterprise, as long as he has a good grasp of the way of the enterprise, plans the development direction of the enterprise, and puts the management problem as a technical problem, which is more considered by the executive.
Indeed, the reform of enterprises will face many difficulties. The suggestion of organizing the enterprise committee and holding a small meeting before the general meeting put forward by President Hu Chang just hit the nail on the head and can play a great role in the development of enterprise transformation. The lack of enthusiasm of employees mentioned by Secretary General Shao just now is the actual bottleneck faced by enterprises. However, the current advantage of the enterprise is that its cash flow situation is relatively stable. Next, it is necessary to study more on the development plan. As Chairman Zhang Liangbing said, the enterprise transformation is not short-term and will take one to two years of continuous promotion.

President Q Cheng is still a man of science and technology. In fact, the original head of the family business has rich experience in management. President Cheng could consider setting up a technical team in a central city, such as Nanjing, to be responsible for research and development; The production management will be handed over to the first-generation team, which will help the smooth transition of the enterprise
The students of the Bauhinia Expert Group have put forward many very good opinions today. We need to make a step by step on the development of the enterprise in the future. I am still relatively inexperienced in management. In the future, I hope that I can follow the Bauhinia Thousand Enterprise Travel to see more, learn from other enterprises' excellent management experience, improve myself, and provide assistance for the further development of the enterprise.

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