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Eliminate hidden dangers of accidents and build up a safe line of defense | New Doug Tech 2021 fire emergency drill


In order to further improve the work safety education of enterprise employees, strengthen the awareness of fire safety self-rescue and the ability of accident emergency response, New Doug Technology held a fire safety emergency drill at 3:00 p.m. on May 8, 2021.


The members of the emergency drill headquarters first trained all the employees of the company, explaining in detail the common sense of fire safety prevention, the company's emergency evacuation schematic diagram, and the arrangement of the emergency drill activities of the day, requiring everyone to take each emergency drill seriously as a real fire.
Three minutes! All set!
The alarm sounded and all staff evacuated. All staff gathered at the designated place for 3 minutes.
All staff practice and master skills
The interpreter of the company's emergency rescue headquarters explained the use method and key points for attention of the fire extinguisher in detail, and then began to practice.
The drill simulates the sudden fire hazard, and quickly starts the emergency plan for disposal. The drill process is tense and orderly. The on-site participants calmly respond, and the whole staff practises, and the disposal is orderly.



The focus of fire protection is on prevention. In the future, the company will also carry out regular fire protection training and drills to internalize and externalize the work of safety production, eliminate all kinds of potential safety hazards in the bud, and make the concept of safety production development permanent.