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Time sharpens faith and years witness the original intention | New Doug Technology celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party


Centennial eventful years, centennial great course
Listen to the ups and downs and see the great changes
The survival, rise and prosperity of a nation
The struggle and sacrifice of generations of Chinese people
Respecting the Party spirit with the original heart
Don't forget where you came from
2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC. This year, New Doug Technology, as always, pays attention to party building and publicity, and more actively organizes activities such as visiting revolutionary sites, watching classic red films, singing red songs, etc., to carry out diverse forms and distinctive themes of party history learning and education. And actively expand the ranks of Party members, constantly improve the quality of the ranks of Party members, and develop 1 probationary party member, 1 development target, and 1 party member. Call for responsibility with mission, lead the future with mission, and actively draw strength from the century-old party history!
The CPC has gone through a century of extraordinary years
One hundred years of hard work
The century-old cause is magnificent
Countless visitors look back at that time
Praise him for his towering height, praise him for his misty simplicity
New Doug Technology will continue
Adhere to Party building leading development
Regard the Party organization as a strong fortress
Drive the spiritual civilization construction and work development of all staff
Everyone strives to be a banner, enterprises strive to be a benchmark
Salute to the Party with outstanding achievements