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Implement fire responsibility and prevent safety risks | New Doug Tech 2022 fire emergency drill


There is no small matter in life, and safety is greater than the day. In order to enhance the awareness of fire safety and improve the self-rescue ability and accident emergency response ability of employees, New Doug Technology carried out fire safety emergency drills on April 27.

New Doug reception room | talents lead enterprises to inject scientific and technological innovation source power


On the morning of March 10, leaders of Chengjiang Street in Jiangyin City and experts and talents came to visit and exchange with New Doug Science and Technology, and docking talent introduction and other cooperation matters.

Strictly control the quality and improve the skill level | directly report the 2020 welding skill assessment of New Doug Technology


Any sensor, instrument and meter is composed of various components, electronic modules, connectors and cables. Welding is an important link in the electronic installation process. At the moment when automatic welding equipment plays an important role, manual welding technology is still the basic skill of technicians, and the welding level will directly affect the product quality. In order to test the manual welding level of the welding personnel, motivate the welding personnel to continuously improve their own welding ability, improve the welding reliability, and ensure the welding quality of the products, our company recently conducted a theoretical and practical assessment on the workshop welding personnel.

Don't forget your original intention and continue to move forward. It is an unforgettable ceremony for the new Doug employees to report to the full office!


On duty, wave and say goodbye to the past Becoming a regular employee is very happy, and the future can be expected August is destined to be brilliant The first step to success is to report to the regular It is also an important step to promote the company's talent strategy

New Doug Technology "Winning Marketing Sandtable Simulation" | Ride the wind and waves to create and share


On July 31, at an important moment when China's Beidou system entered a new stage of global positioning and navigation, Chen Yunxia, secretary of the Party branch of New Doug Technology, and Cheng Minggang, general manager, led the managers of the company's marketing, service and business departments to open the closed training of "winning marketing sandbox simulation", with the Beidou Star "pointing the direction" on the top, and the New Doug people down-to-earth, daring to make innovations, and expanding national products for the sake of excellence and strength, Make greater contributions to China's intelligent manufacturing.

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