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New Doug Staff Birthday Party | Happy Birthday


Life needs a sense of ceremony. Every special day is worthy of commemoration. New Doug Technology grabbed the tail of June and prepared a warm birthday party for employees. Happy birthday together, beautiful travel.

World Reading Day | The book opening is beneficial and the fragrance of books is endless


The most important thing is that the fragrance of books can reach the distance, and the belly is full of poetry. Reading a good book is like making friends with a noble person. Do you have such a good book you want to share with others?

Elite hiking | New Doug technology team measures the beauty of the city with its feet, and shows the talent with enthusiasm


On the morning of November 21, under the leadership of General Manager Cheng Minggang, six staff representatives of our company formed the "New Doug Technology Team" to participate in the sixth elite talent hiking activity in Jiangyin City, which enthusiastically demonstrated the vigorous spirit of the new Doug people and the civilization of the new Doug technology.

Employee birthday party | Be grateful, warm and forward, and grow with the new Doug


There is a culture that moistens things silently. There is a kind of love that quietly enters the hearts of the people. Employee birthday party, the deepest affection and love We are lucky to meet in the most beautiful time For the dream in our hearts, we should fight together In the time of New Doug's struggle Because of you, it is more brilliant Happy birthday, birthday stars!

3.8 "Queen's Day", beautiful welfare!


March 8, 2019 is the 109th International Women's Day and the 96th Women's Day in China. During this festival, New Doug carefully prepared exquisite and unique gifts for female employees. The "queens" all smiled and returned with full loads. I sincerely thank the company for its thoughtful preparation!

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