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The 2022 year-end summary and commendation conference of New Doug Technology was successfully held


On January 19, 2023, the 2022 year-end summary and recognition conference of New Doug Technology was successfully held in the Engineering Technology Center.

Advocate authentic products, be loyal to service, stop at heart | New Doug product and service upgrade


Due to the frequent counterfeiting of our products recently, our company launched the anti-counterfeiting code in the middle of July Query the system. At present, the products will carry their own "ID card" after leaving the factory.

New Doug Staff Birthday Party | Happy Birthday


Life needs a sense of ceremony Every special day is worth remembering New Doug Technology grabbed the tail of June and prepared for employees A warm birthday party. Happy birthday together, beautiful travel. Every birthday party embodies the strong influence of new Doug technology on employees And care.

New Doug News | Dragon Boat Festival holiday notice


New Doug News | Dragon Boat Festival holiday notice

Happy Labor Day


According to the spirit of the notice of the General Office of the State Council Combined with the actual situation of the company The holiday on May Day this year is now arranged as follows: From April 30 to May 4, there are 5 days off

Implement fire responsibility and prevent safety risks | New Doug Tech 2022 fire emergency drill


There is no small matter in life, and safety is greater than the day. In order to enhance the awareness of fire safety, Improve the self-rescue ability and emergency response ability of enterprise employees, On April 27, New Doug Technology carried out fire safety emergency drills.

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