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Research Facilities


Mechanical Fault Comprehensive Simulation Experimental Platform

It consists of a drive motor, rotor support, oil circulation system, planetary gearbox, parallel gearbox, magnetic particle brake, motor controlled frequency converter, water pump, compressor, faulty motor, faulty bearing, faulty gear, etc. Fault simulation experiments can be conducted on components such as rotor dynamics, gearbox, water pump, and motor.
Motor faults: rotor imbalance, shaft bending, bearing failure, phase loss, winding short circuit, broken bars, misalignment. Fault of rotor support: faulty bearing, faulty shaft, misalignment, imbalance. Gearbox faults: gear wear, root cracks, broken teeth, bearing inner race faults, bearing outer race faults, ball faults, mixed faults, etc. Water pump failure: radial impeller wear, internal bearing failure.


Comprehensive simulation experimental platform for rotor vibration

A test device used to simulate the vibration of rotating machinery, mainly used to verify the forced and self-excited vibration characteristics of flexible (flexible) rotors. The test bench can effectively reproduce various vibration phenomena generated by large rotating machinery, simulate the operating state of the machine by changing the rotor speed, stiffness, mass imbalance, shaft friction or impact conditions, and coupling type through different choices, and observe and record its vibration characteristics through configured detection instruments.
Rotor failure (manifested as vibration): rotor misalignment, rotor imbalance, unstable bearing operation, thermal deformation, loose parts, rigid support foundation, rotor rigidity, rotor stator friction, rotational stall, oil film oscillation, etc.


Belt conveyor comprehensive simulation experimental platform

A belt conveyor test and research device that integrates characteristic testing, monitoring, real-time protection and predictive maintenance, is mainly used to develop technology and product applicability research on Kinematics and dynamic characteristics, control methods, and online fault monitoring of belt conveyor and other continuous transportation equipment.
Belt transmission motion simulation: By simulating the belt transmission motion through numerical simulation, the elastic sliding and slipping phenomena of the belt transmission can be observed;
Fault simulation: Motor faults: rotor imbalance, shaft bending, bearing faults, phase loss, winding short circuit, broken bars, misalignment; Gearbox faults: gear wear, root cracks, broken teeth, bearing inner race faults, bearing outer race faults, ball faults, mixed faults, etc.


Unmanned boat navigation control simulation experimental platform

A multifunctional navigation control experimental platform for unmanned boats that integrates teaching and scientific research purposes, supporting autonomous navigation or remote control of surface unmanned boats to complete designated tasks such as normal navigation, maneuvering, and operations.
-The system constructs a complete digital simulation environment for unmanned boat navigation control, including navigation scenes, simulated control components, navigation control simulation, navigation planning, drive control simulation, and cross-linked interface simulation.
-The platform adopts a modular design (MBD) development approach and can support control system mathematical simulation experiments, simulated navigation experiments, physical navigation experiments, cluster control experiments, etc.
-Provide external interfaces such as Ethernet, SEATALK, CANOPEN, etc., which can connect physical components such as unmanned boat engines, jet pumps, rudders, navigation equipment, etc., and complete hardware verification in the loop.